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Can You Beat the Slot Game Odds

The online gaming world talks often about odds, but never really when it comes to slot games. So the question is: can you beat the slot game odds? After looking at the great selection of…

The History of Slot Casino Games

Slot machines are a pretty new addition to betting. Gambling has been around for a very long time but slot machines obviously rely on modern technology to work. The very first slot machine was invented…

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Movie Classics Inspired Slot Machines

Casino software developers have already looked everywhere to find inspiration for their next game – this is the reason why slot machines are usually available in such great diversity of looks. Operations like the royal…

Irish Luck? Why The Emerald Isle Has Us In A Slot Frenzy

There will always be stereotypes, no matter how inaccurate, that come along with every nation. Regarding Ireland, it can often be Guinness, hurling, and the mystical tradition of mischievous fairies clad in green with fine orange beards….