3 Casino Games to Play for Profit

There are two major kinds of casino players out there. One of them is in for the thrill of the game itself, enjoying every minute spent either at a table in a land-based casino, or the time spent clicking online. But there’s another kind of player, sometimes referred to as a “professional”, that has a completely different purpose: making money. And this player type is more selective with the games he or she plays.

The Winner’s Wall at the Red Flush Casino is a very interesting read – it can show you which games are “hot” at the moment. When this article was written, the “hottest” of all Red Flush games was Classic Blackjack Gold – which takes us to the first game we would recommend playing for profit. Blackjack is the big exception from the casino games’ rule – which states that they are made to entertain, not to make money for the player. Blackjack can truly boost a player’s bankroll (in the long run, of course). Its payouts are not huge when compared to other games (like roulette, for example, with its 35 to 1 win), but the wagers placed on blackjack hands are safer than the average.

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Another game that is considered a good moneymaker at online casinos is video poker. Based on five card draw, the game is adapted to the single player style of casino games. It retains the basic rules – like hands, card exchanges and hand rankings – of the original game. What makes it a great game is its fast pace – it takes seconds to play a hand – and its relative profitability. Using a good strategy can help video poker players achieve a return of over 100%. Or, in layman’s terms, playing good video poker will generate profit in the long run.

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Video poker has several variants, all with different twists on the same set of rules. The Red Flush Casino has over 20 variants of the game, plus single and multi-hand versions, to choose from. Deuces Wild is considered the most profitable of them all – if the right strategy is used, of course.

Surprising as it may sound, roulette is also a game considered to have the potential to generate profits. If you stay on the safe side, of course. It has quite a few “safe” bets, with payouts of 1 to 1, which – paired with some good luck – can help players stay on the positive side. Just make sure you play the most favorable variant.

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Red Flush has quite a few of these games, too. It has American and European roulette tables, as well as multi-wheel versions, and even a classic French variant, which lists all the called bets in the game.