5 Amazing Feature Slots to Enjoy

What does it mean to be a feature slot? Well, several things come to mind immediately, such as a long list of features, great graphics and sound, and plenty of chances to win. If you’re looking for a great slot that you can come back and play over and over without getting bored, this is the list that you need to check out.

Playing online slots for real money is a matter of finding slots that you can return and play as many times as you want without growing bored at the idea. Adding variety to your list will make you a better slot player, because you’ll be inclined to play more often. As the saying goes, you can’t win if you don’t play.

Our list of featured slot is below.

1429 Uncharted Seas

1429 Uncharted Seas

We love adventure on the high seas, and we’re sure that you will as well. Expanding wilds make this slot fun to play, as the wild symbol does exactly what you might expect: it crosses over the reels to improve your winnings. This can take a so-so win and turn it into a big win. The slot game itself is beautifully done with map symbols, stylized creatures of the deep, and brilliant suns. It has a faded feel that highlights the historical aspect of high seas exploration, but everything is done in great colors and strong lines for a modern feel.

Top Gun

Who didn’t want to be a fighter pilot as a kid? The thrill of being high up in the air with a massive weapon under your feet, having to race against time to take care of the enemy…

OK, maybe you don’t want to live that dangerously these days, but you can still check out the Top Gun slot.  Yes, it is based off of the movie, which means all of the classic characters are present. There are some chances to win free spins, but you don’t get as many as other slot games. But if you’re a big fan of the movie, the game is definitely worth playing. Make sure that you look for the Jacket symbol as well as the Aviator sunglasses. Both symbols can turn up 100 coin wins if you match all five across the reels.

Nemo’s Voyage

This slot game has a secret: a payout potential of 99%! That’s huge, but it does come with some cautions. First, you’ll need to adjust the submarine pressure inside the game. If the submarine is at its lowest point, it means that the Return to Player Percentage increases.

Free spins and persistent wilds are two features that really give this game some new life, making it fun to play. There are different wilds to explore, with each type of wild having a completely different effect on the game. We’re teasing you a bit, of course, because we want you to check out the game for yourself. It really is that good!

Mega Joker slot

Mega Joker

This slot game is a bit underwhelming when you first load it up, but it has a high payout percentage that will pull you directly into the action. It’s a slot that tries to pay homage to the original fruit machine pulls, and it does succeed at that retro feel.

The slot comes with just two-reel zones, but both have 3 reels and 5 paylines. You must start at the bottom and work your way up. There is a decent jackpot that can be triggered at random, with no extra requirements on your part.

Ace Ventura

We already covered movie themed slots with Top Gun earlier in this guide, but we did have to go back and mention Ace Ventura. It’s a great slot with fantastic graphics, and movie fans will love seeing all of the usual symbols you would expect.

Free bonus games are plentiful within this slot, and there’s a lot of free spins to collect here. Make sure that you keep an eye out for the bonus symbol, which would be the Rhino. That gives you the free spins that you’ll need to start collecting bigger wins. Lots of multiplers, random wilds, and expanded reels await you with this slot game.

If a slot game has interesting features, chances are good that we’d like to make it a featured part of our collection of games to play. We like to cycle through the same games over and over, but that is just one way to get things done. You might find that you prefer to be on the lookout for new games all the time, which is why we make these review lists. See what features motivate you to go slot hunting and then get out there and play. The potential to win big is just too good to miss out on.