A Definitive Guide to Casino Bonuses and Sign-up Offers

In the cutthroat world of online casinos, providers are constantly trying to get ahead of their rivals by offering more attractive bonuses, offers and schemes. Clever gamblers who actively seek out the best deals can put themselves at a superior advantage before even staking on a game. Here is our definitive guide of what to look out for, and how to make the best use of the plethora of offers out there.

Choose Wisely: Which Games do you Like to Play?

Before setting out in search of the most rewarding offer, think about what kind of games you will be playing. It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but there is no point joining a site that provides new players with 10 free spins on a slot machine if you are going to be spending most of your time playing blackjack.

For poker players, look out for offers that allow you to play for free to earn entry to cash tournaments. Some sites will give players a daily or weekly ticket to a tournament where the prize is a seat at a higher stakes competition. Many players have enjoyed huge success in the past from taking advantage of these kinds of games.

If you are a slots fanatic, though, seeking out a Free Spins bonus may prove to be more fruitful than going for a site that offers a deposit match. If you are to win with one of the free spins you could end up with much more playing money than you would with even a 100% match bonus. Obviously, the deposit match bonus would be guaranteed and winning from one of the free spins wouldn’t, so selecting one of these choices could come down to how lucky you feel. For instance, 888Casino offers new players a lucky free spin where they can win anything up to £888 without having to deposit a penny. After that, they can then make a deposit that is 100% matched. This gives players the best of both worlds. If you get lucky on the free spin, you may win enough playing money to avoid having to make an initial deposit. 

Using casino bonus comparison sites can be the best way to find all the information you need in a clear and accessible way. The offers stand out on the page and then users can click on the terms and conditions to find more details. When looking at these, make sure you double-check that your favorite games are included in the offers you’re interested in and you can’t go wrong.


Deposit Match Bonuses

The most common type of bonus around is the deposit match, where sites will provide free playing money based on the amount you deposit. These vary from place to place, and there are also plenty of conditions to watch out for, so research carefully before committing to one. 100% deposit matches are prevalent, and they normally go up to a certain amount, frequently around £100.

For players that know they are going to be betting with large amounts of money, some sites will offer matches of up to £1000. This will normally come in instalments. For example, a site could match your first deposit of £200 by 100%, and your second deposit up to £100 by 50%, and so on until you receive the free playing money promised. This is a good way for sites to get players to stake large amounts of money. Remember, whatever the casino’s matchup bonus goes up to, you have to pay the site that amount of money to receive it.  

Always Read the Small Print


These bonuses can be a fantastic way to get off to a good start with whichever sites you decide to join, but it is imperative that you always read carefully and familiarise yourself with the details of each offer. We’ve all read some been horror stories about people who haven’t read the fine print and, although the consequences are unlikely to be dire with online casinos, you could find that you have bought into a bonus that you weren’t expecting. For example, free spins bonuses are often only to be used with certain machines, and those may not be the ones you intended to play. The fine print will tell you which machines these are. Also, deposit match bonuses are sometimes for particular games as well.

Through clever use of bonuses and by visiting numerous sites, players can give themselves a much higher chance of making some money from casino games. Using a comparison site like Oddschecker is a perfect starting point. But also be aware that offers change from week to week, so keeping an eye out for the best deals is a must.