Best Classic Games Of All Time

If you are a fan of classic games, then you are definitely going to love this list of the best classic games of all time. Although some of these games have been revamped, we promise that you are still going to love the original versions. If you get tired of them, you can always alternate with aussie online pokies to keep your mind fresh. 

Shenmue II -2001

  • ventured in the 3Dimensional gaming vibe that left game lovers ablaze
  • it has a theme and story at the core and if you have played the first series, you are in for a treat because this is an interesting continuation to the first Shenmue 
  • Ryo Hazuki is the main focus as he quests for his fathers killer in the name of vengeance
  • its an amalgamation of features, from interrogation, fast time moments, detective-style investigation to your city maneuvers
  • Hong is mega in Shenmue II as compared to a weakly background display of Hong long in the first series
  • what is striking about the second series is that it was liberal in giving players a world-class view pushed by the vibrancy
  • like most action-packed games, this one has a wonderful storyline to it

Gone Home (2013)

  • a very mysterious real money casino game that will leave you with your mouth open
  • engineered by Fullbright Company, it is a game that has an interesting storyline 
  • A player and a given house are the basic features you would find
  • if you are expecting guns, flares, swords, monsters, expeditions, or even puzzles, well you have gone to the wrong place
  • it is a unique game indeed
  • all you have to do is get a note left by your fellow family pals who have left the house
  • original platforms where a player can find Gone Home are Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • come to think of it, it is the first game from Fullbright game developers, a great way to break into the market.