Bingo quiz

Online bingo has become one of the best ways for players to use their free time, have fun and even winning cash prizes. The game itself, has come a long way since its original start in Italy as a lottery game, and is now considered as one of the most popular games. However, even if you’re a huge bingo lover, we’re sure you didn’t know about these crazy bingo facts…

According to researchers at University Southampton, bingo is actually known to relieve stress! The researchers found that playing the game keeps your brain alert and generally makes bingo players more mentally agile than non-bingo players.

Previously, certain countries and cultures would use bingo to teach students history and to learn numbers. Later the game was popularised by a New York toy salesman in 1929, when he saw the game being played at a fair in Jackson Georgia and recreated it for his friends.

And with bingo being a popular game across the gaming industry, it’s safe to say this isn’t something that people are going to stop playing anytime soon.

But what makes bingo so fun and addictive to play? Below is a quiz where you can test your knowledge on crazy bingo facts and see how much you know!