Enjoy Marvelous Playtech Bonus Slots

If you visit real or online casinos you will notice that there are more slots machines than any other games in them. It’s not a surprise, because slots have been popular among gamblers since XIX century. This casino entertainment can be considered as a game of a pure chance. That is why so many gamblers attracted to it: you don’t have to possess any kind of special skills to play slots machines. Just make a bet and click the button or pull the lever. Modern online casinos provide players with a huge amount of various slot machines.

playtech slots 1

Many of them use software developments of Playtech Company – one of the leaders of the online gambling industry. Be sure that Playtech’s developers make only exciting and interesting slots that vary by themes and jackpots. Some players prefer to play classic games, but many of gamblers play in modern bonus slots machines. Playtech can offer a great amount of different interesting slots with bonus levels and special symbols.

How to play Playtech bonus slots

Unlike classical slots games, bonus ones are a bit difficult to understand for new players. You’ll need some time to figure rules out. For more information check this page about online bonus slots by Playtech. With a proper description of bonus slots game you’ll be able to have an unforgettable gaming session with big prizes. Bonus slots usually include some special symbols that can send you to a bonus level. Depend on the game bonus levels can vary very much. Some games will ask you to find something on your screen, others will let you to guess where’s hidden an object that could increase your winning.

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Most of the bonus levels offer players to multiple their money. But usually bonus levels are the most risky ones. If you don’t succeed in bonus level’s mission you may lose all of your winning.In some slots machines this type of additional levels is called ‘risk game’. But not everything in bonus slots will endanger your winnings. Playtech can offer many slots with amazing bonus symbols that will increase your bankroll.

Playtech slot machines bonus symbols

There is a certain number of bonus symbols in Playtech slot machines. Their image can be different due to themes variations, but their names and functions usually stay the same. For example, wild symbols. The certain combination or number of wild symbols on your screen can open you a bonus level or make you a winner of a jackpot. One wild symbol is a substitute for any other symbol on the playing line. A wild symbol can finish line’s winning combination. Playtech bonus slots also have multiple symbols that will increase your win prize. Special symbols can also activate free spins.