Enjoying Craps Online

It may feel like craps have been around for thousands of years, because with a concept simple as this game employs you can easily imagine the Ancient Romans or Egyptians rolling dice made out of stone and placing bets against each other. Such a story is very plausible since the earliest games of dice date back thousands of years, with origins in Southeastern Asia. However, the game we all know as craps and its street version “shooting dice” has a more recent origin.

craps table

It is believed to be developed in the United Kingdom in the Modern Age with a pronounced French influence, which gave the game its original name – crapaud (“frog” in French, referring to the sited position of players during a typical street game). It wasn’t long that the game made it to New Orleans and then spread all over the United States before gambling legislation restricted this activity. But you can still see a lot of people playing street craps all over the USA and the world, while nearly all casinos feature at least a couple of tables that let you shoot die against the bank. And since this is a pure game of chance, there are always people surrounding the table of craps.

Online craps casinos

One would assume that playing a game with such a pronounced physical aspect as craps isn’t very popular on the web. But judging by the number of sites offering all sorts of craps games you can clearly see that the game is thriving online. You can even run into a site with a detailed description of online craps bonus promotions, which means that people are so eager to enjoy the game online that they are even searching for bonuses on it. Nearly all big online casinos feature different versions of craps that offer the original atmosphere of the game.

online craps

Even if you don’t get to hold the dice in your hand and the outcome of your roll is determined by a random number generator you still get the same thrilling spirit of craps that usually draws so many people to the table. And if there’s a particular type of craps you are interested in or you want to check out different visual aspects – the web lets you find just anything you can think of. On top of that, you can enjoy great bonuses while playing craps online, which will make your time at the virtual table even more entertaining.

Special bonuses

Bonuses are a very common instrument for attracting new players and keeping the old ones loyal to the casino. When playing craps online it’s much easier to find a good bonus that will raise your chance of winning big. No deposit, multiplier, high roller and other types of bonuses are very common, and you just have to search for promo codes in order to get them. But make sure to do it as it will make your game of craps not only very exciting but fruitful as well.