Finding the right casino game for you

Today there are millions of gamblers around the world who might never have played a casino game but for the existence of online casinos. While they might have talked about going to a land-based casino one day to play one of those classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat or poker, the effort involved in getting to a land-based casino, along with the time that you had to assign to the trip, would mean that many people just didn’t bother.


It’s a different story today, though. All it takes is a couple of clicks and you can be playing any game you care to think of online. Most casino websites offer a great welcome bonus to get new players to sign up – often adding 200% of what the player first puts down as a deposit on their account. And even before they make a deposit, most casino websites will also give players who register an account a no-deposit bonus so that they can play casino online for real before they decide to put their own money in. If you’re looking for great deals and bonuses, go ahead and visit ThumbsUpBonus, so you can find a gambling site that will suit you most.

Getting started in the online casino world is clearly no problem, but how do you decide which game suits you best, and which game you’re best at playing? Most people start off their online casino gaming playing something simple such as slots. Slots are a game that anyone can play, and the appeal for many players is that you don’t have any influence on the result. It’s a game of chance – you could win or lose on every spin of the reels. Another appeal in playing slots is that there are so many to choose from, including those that feature comic book or film characters, or alternatively the ones that are based on popular TV quiz shows such as Deal or No Deal.

But, after playing slots for a while, you might want to put your own abilities to the test, rather than relying on chance to win or lose you the game. That’s when you should try out a game such as blackjack, where the player can make choices throughout a hand in order to improve his chances of beating the dealer. Of course, there’s chance and luck involved – you don’t know what the dealer’s hand is like until the end, when your decisions have been made. But by studying different blackjack tutorials and reading up on different betting options, you can accumulate knowledge of the game and develop your own playing strategy.  When you’re new to a casino game, you might want to switch to practice or fun mode, where the bets you place aren’t real ones, until you’re confident you know how to play. Only practice makes a master, 

Even roulette involves a certain level of player decision-making. Though nothing can influence where the ball will land as the roulette wheel spins, you can take a series of calculated bets so that you can limit your losses and maximise win potential. A simple example would be to place a bet on the ball landing on the top third of numbers, while you might also have a bigger bet on a particular low number that you think the ball will land on. That way, if your low number wins you’ll be happy, and if there’s a win in the top-third of numbers, you’ll be equally happy.


The best way to decide which casino game you enjoy the most is to experiment and play across the board. Remember, though, that no wins are guaranteed, so make use of practice mode, bet conservatively and only ever play with money you can afford to lose.