Four of the Best Movie Slot Games

Movies have long been a source of inspiration for online slot developers, eager to separate themselves from competitors with an attention-grabbing idea that is instantly familiar to players. But movie slot games are not all created equal. To point you in the right direction, we’ve played as many movie slot games as we could find to compare. We’ve whittled them down to four absolute barnstormers. Check these out brothers and sisters!



gladiator slots

Paddy Power’s Gladiator slot game is based on the Russell Crowe movie of the same name, but what really sets it apart is the frequently large sums accrued in the progressive jackpot (this year has seen jackpots of more than half a million pounds!). As with most significant progressive jackpots, there are minimum spend requirements that can make a spread across all 25 lines costly. But with so many features, including a Gladiator Jackpot Bonus and a Coliseum Bonus round, it beats being thrown to the lions on a wet Saturday afternoon.

The Pink Panther


pink panther slot

When Peter Sellers’ much-imitated Inspector Clouseau character first began causing chaos in 1963, few could have suspected he would still be a pop culture presence half a century on. The Pink Panther is undoubtedly one of the more unlikely franchise success stories, with a series of sequels, a cartoon spinoff and a Henry Mancini theme tune that remains one of the most recognizable pieces of 20th Century music. The latest addition to the PP universe (as almost nobody refers to it) is a fantastic slot game featuring all the characters you know and love from the movies and the cartoon. Minimum spin cost for the stupendous 40 paylines is £4 so be sure to do your sums right before you start spinning.

The Wizard of Oz


wizard of oz slots

The Wizard of Oz slot offers a modern twist on the classic imagery from the movie, transplanting them into a 21st Century setting. This is one of the most playable, interactive movie slot games out there. Plus, the bet range is bigger than most, so whether you’ve got a penny or five quid to wager, this game is for you. Keep your eyes peeled for an appearance by the Good Witch of the North to trigger up to five wild reels.

Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin


spiderman slot-attack of green goblin

With all the recent buzz surrounding The Amazing Spiderman 2, we couldn’t resist trying out one of the most highly-recommended games on our radar. This game is so feature-packed you could play for hours and still not discover some of the goodies buried within. To see for yourself, give Spiderman and some of our other featured movie slot games a bash.