Fundamentals for Betting Football Totals

A total bet, or also known as an over/under bet, is a bet where it’s not important who wins the match at the end – the total score of the match plays the crucial role. Even though they’re not as popular as the point spread bets, that doesn’t mean you can’t win money on them. In order to successfully do a football total and not lose any money, you must be aware of a few basic fundamentals , betting football tips from industry experts can help you get a deeper understanding of these fundamentals as well.

When taking a look at a betting board, you’ll notice there’s a number next to a match – that is the number on which you will need to bet over or under.

To begin with, you shouldn’t only think about how strong or weak one of the teams is – that is a common beginner’s mistake. Instead, try thinking about what the matchup of the match will look like and what is the strategy of each coach. Some teams have an excellent offense but if the opposing team has a defense that is as good as, then it wouldn’t mean much for the final result. In cases like that, it’s for the best not to put bets too far on the over side.

Also, it’s helpful to keep track of what the majority of betters will put their money on. Most of the time, everyone likes to bet over and this results in sportsbooks moving their total numbers higher – so fewer people would win money. Keep this in mind especially when it comes to popular matches where a lot of bets are being placed.

Tracking how teams perform in a season would also be helpful. Remember that a team on average goes over or under by only four points or less for each game in the season. Be wary if a team stands out and is constantly winning several matches in a row – sometimes, that might mean they’ll soon get weak so placing a bet over might cost you your money.

Lastly, before heading out to place your bet, don’t forget to check the weather conditions, as this plays a huge role in total bets. The weather means a lot because it directly affects the offense of the team – for instance, if the ground is wet and slippery, even the best teams may end up well below the given total.

By taking into consideration all of the given suggestions and carefully following them, you could easily improve your winning odds!