Improve Your Gambling EV by Scalping

In sports betting, as in life, time equals money and the quicker you can place bets, the faster you can build your bankroll (assuming your bets are profitable). In the last few years the growth of online and mobile sports betting has dramatically increased the rate at which keen punters can place bets and make some money.

Although the process of placing a wager now involves a few clicks of a mouse (or swipes of a screen), the number of bets you can make is still limited by the number of options if you stick to a single event. For example, if you’re betting on a single horse race, you’ll have a handful of betting options you can make, such as winner, each way and forecast.

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For some punters this will be enough to focus on before they move onto another race. However, for experienced bettors, this range of options will be somewhat limiting and slightly dull. Fortunately, there is a way to spice things up and that’s known as scalping. Using the power of a sports betting exchange, such as the one offered by Betfair, punters can dip in and out of various markets in a short period of time and improve their EV (also known as Expected Value) by an extremely healthy margin.

Using one of Betfair’s betting apps, those interested in scalping can achieve an impressive win rate by speculating on the price differences between two markets. For example, in the ten minutes before a race the price of the favourite will often undergo a number of changes.

In this situation, you may find odds of 3.2 on the favourite with one trader. After taking this bet (backing it to win), the idea is to lay that horse (i.e. bet on it not to win) at a shorter price – in this case you would lay at odds of 3.0. Going through this process should take just a few seconds if you use one of Betfair’s apps and guarantee you a small profit regardless of whether the favourite wins or loses.

This process of scalping profits can be done extremely quickly and that means punters can place dozens of bets in just a few minutes. Although you’ll never experience a huge single win by scalping, the idea is that you can bank lots of small wins that will add up to an impressive profit at the end of your session.

Scalping won’t be for everyone, but if you’re a fan of online/mobile sports betting then it can be a way to make stack of cash with just a few minutes of action.