Irish Luck? Why The Emerald Isle Has Us In A Slot Frenzy

There will always be stereotypes, no matter how inaccurate, that come along with every nation. Regarding Ireland, it can often be Guinness, hurling, and the mystical tradition of mischievous fairies clad in green with fine orange beards.

It is the latter that we see time and again in gaming imagery, claiming to bring the famous “Luck of the Irish” to your online experience and promising those elusive pots of gold to all who spin the reels. The term “luck of the Irish” actually stems from something completely different. It is not from folklore sprites, but the successful Irish gold miners who often found themselves with a good haul. However, that hasn’t stopped the gaming industry from riding the wave and putting the two together to create exciting slots.

Irish Luck

Undoubtedly the most popular is the long-running Rainbow Riches. Though it started out in gaming machines in the real world, you can now find it in almost any online casino and players flock to it in their droves to try and hit one of the three jackpots on offer. With payouts into the hundreds of thousands if you’re lucky enough, there’s no wonder it has been a proven success for years. Now it is widely available on mobile apps from all the big names, there will be more people than ever aiming for pots of gold.

After seeing how the industry leader fared, there have been many similar slot games brought onto the market. Although they can’t mimic Rainbow Riches exactly, many are strikingly similar.

Leprechaun’s Luck panders to the aforementioned stereotypes perfectly, offering pints of Guinness, harps and clovers on the reels for big prizes. It has two bonus features unlike Rainbow Riches’ three, but with free spins also adding to the gameplay.

One of the most intriguing new games to hit the market is the Pots O’ Plenty slot which can be found on FortuneFrenzy. Running with the tagline, “Top o’ the morning to ya,” you know exactly what to expect when opening it up to play. With recent upgrades to HD, it is leading the way in visuals compared to some of its peers and that can count for a lot. Being easy on the eye makes it a lot easier to play and that will make your search for a jackpot much easier!

On top of these, you can find even more if you’re looking in the right places. If you’re an online gaming regular then expect to come across Pots O’ Gold, Leprechaun’s Fortune, and Luck O’ The Irish. There is one popular theme and not much to distinguish them, but plenty of ways to win. As always, though, we advise that you play for fun and enjoyment with what you can afford. With RTPs ranging from 90% and upwards, the edge will be with the house.