Online Gambling: A Potential Addiction

What is Addiction?

According to the medical fraternity, addiction is a particular habit either to drink or smoke or take drugs or get into any other repeated indulgence which is initiated by the rush of hormones in the body. Gambling can be termed as one such indulgence.

Gambling and Addiction

Even excitement and tension cause similar effects as in the case of consumption of addictive elements. The gamblers try to sustain the suspense of the sport until the result (winning or losing) is known. This is a common syndrome for people of all ages, more so among the teens whose adrenalin rush is enhanced. So now you know why you feel that way while gambling on the net!

gambling addiction

There are several inherent reasons responsible for causing addiction in the sport. No wonder a fresher who had just started playing at the casinos for a few days gets addicted. They continue repeating the indulgence on a regular basis, in order to experience the thrill and suspense every time a wager is made.

The Blame Game

Experts are of the opinion that online gambling alone can’t be blamed for this addiction and shouldn’t be as well! One of the reasons is that, it attracts millions of people around the globe and steals the show by virtue of its popularity. Purists can’t call for stern action towards addressing this problem as a social menace! No wonder the situation is the reverse and hence the Governments are under acute pressure from these lobbies, who preach morality, into taking some ostensible actions to appease them.

It can be rightly pointed out that the Internet is the best tool to propagate the evils of addiction. Constant and untiring propaganda is required against all forms of addiction. The technological advancement of the Worldwide Web can be effectively made use of, which over a period of time, is sure to yield positive results.