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About Microgaming

If you had your share of fun in different online casinos, you have certainly observed the fact that most of them are based on specific software platforms. First, there’s usually a logo of a specific company giving you a hint, and after some time you can even feel some similarities between the casinos using the same software platform. Of course, it doesn’t mean that these casinos feel and look identical, because there’s usually a wide variation between the visual aspects of all casino sites. But when there’s the same software platform involved the general game mechanics tend to be similar.

That’s why when you encounter any of the dozens of online casinos using Microgaming technology, you can rest assured that it will feel just like an online casino should – confortable, varied and with perfect game experience. Microgaming has been around in the business for nearly two decades, and they know how an online casino should feel, because they were the first to develop such a thing in the first place. However, in such a competitive and rapidly developing market as online gambling you have to stay sharp and keep a look out for new trends and opportunities, like the recently popular trend of online casinos going mobile.

Mobile casinos

With the advent of numerous mobile devices that allowed easy access to the Internet on the go and provided enough computational power to allow various applications to be used, the people running online casinos have instantly recognized the huge potential of this new niche that was growing much faster than the market of online gambling itself. It was only a matter of time that reputable casino sites and fresh players started filling the app markets with their own products, which offered all sorts of gambling activities for smartphones and tablets. Of course, Microgaming was one of the first casino software developers to offer its products for the mobile platform and give online casinos the option to port their games to this new market. That’s why now we have a variety of best mobile Microgaming casinos that can be found among the top gambling applications for different mobile systems.

Ranging from simple one-game apps that offer you poker, slots or roulette to full-site ports with dozens of games included in one, you will always have plenty of applications to choose from for your phone. Still, the most exciting thing about it is the fact that you can play with real players from all over the world using your phone or tablet while going to work, during your lunch break or on vacation. Doesn’t it leave you in awe with the abundance of possibilities that new technology brings?

Supported devices

Today you can see mobile casino apps from Microgaming on virtually any mobile device. Still, there are certain limitations you can face as well. Without any doubt, the iOS and Android are two platforms that receive the most attention from mobile app developers these days, despite the willingness of other developers to join the party, like Windows Mobile for example.

However, even with such a popular platform as iOS you can face certain limitations as it doesn’t support Flash. Sure, there are plenty of exclusive apps for iPhone and iPad available, but on the other hand with Android you can easily access a wide range of flash-based online casinos without the need to install any additional software. So it’s always important to know what your device is capable of before you start using it as a gambling platform.

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