Poker Image Is Everything – Smile Big, Win Pots

Smile – your poker image matters! Of course, in the world of online poker you might be a little confused on how your online image is actually going to be created when nobody can see you. Theoretically you could be in your boxers playing poker and nobody would know. However, that’s not quite the image that we’re talking about when it comes to poker. We’re actually talking about the way you are perceived at the poker table. Indeed, everyone has an image that they project when they play poker. It’s all about when you raise, when you fold, when you shove players and what type of hands you play. Some people will assume that you’re a newbie and try to go after you because you’re an easy target, while other people will think that you should be avoided and focus on taking other people. It’s all about the type of look that you take on when you play.

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Now, this taps into the psychological side of playing poker, so it’s all about making sure that you can handle this side of poker. You can’t influence other players if you don’t have control over yourself. Your emotions need to be in check, and you also need to think carefully about how others are seeing you. If you want to slip under the radar, it might be wise to fold a few hands that you would otherwise play. You can be then seen as a weak player, which will help you actually win more than you lose. That’s the most important part here — you really want to cast an image that’s going to help you win pots in a way that allows you to get things done.

The things that take away from your image is when you lose control. If you’re seen as being too unpredictable, people will simply avoid you. That can backfire when you’re trying to capture as many pots as possible. You’ll need to keep from being emotional because you don’t want to stop paying attention to what the other players are doing.

You have to keep things in perspective as you play. It can be hard to think about image on top of calculating odds and thinking about your long term poker goals, but it’s all worth it in the end as you see your profits going up. It’s worth it in the end as you rise higher and higher as a player. You just have to see it for yourself — why not start today?