Skill or luck: which casino game best suits you?

Casino games are more accessible than ever before. Take a quick browse at any good online casino site nowadays and you’ll be spoilt for choice with multiple blackjack, roulette and baccarat variants, as well as hundreds and hundreds of different video slot games.

If you’re a completely new online casino player, this level of choice can prove a little intimidating. But don’t let beginner’s nerves hold you back. Getting started in the online casino world need not be scary. In fact, the process of finding out which games you enjoy can actually be pretty fun.

First things first, select the right online casino. As we said, a good site will offer hundreds of games – often well over 500. Make sure it’s somewhere with no sneaky terms like ‘wagering requirements’ or ‘maximum withdrawal amounts’ – these can make it difficult to get hold of any winnings in the future. Once you think you’ve found the right online casino, sign up by following the simple instructions (this should only take a few minutes) and then it’s time to begin your quest for the right game.

Often one of the best ways to select a casino game is to think about what level of skill each requires. Do you want a game which provides you with enough opportunity to show off your strategic thinking? Are you prepared to start playing a game which requires you to learn or develop lots of new betting strategies? Or do you want the thrill which comes from resting your fate entirely in the hands of Lady Luck?

Take a quick look at our handy guide below and you’ll find a breakdown of the most popular casino games for new players, as well as details on the level of skill each game requires.