Slot Games Information

There are many websites that have slot games and the games will vary between sites, although some sites will have the same games. These sorts of games can be a lot of fun and many people take part in online gambling by playing this sort of thing. You will have to pay to play the games and they can be well worth it. There is a lot of fun to be had, with many games not only having standard slots but also bonus games as well which can mean that your money goes a long way.

There is of course always the chance that you could win some money from the games as well, which can be a great bonus. There are many different slots to choose between which have different themes and styles and below are descriptions of a couple of them so that you know what to expect from games of this type.

Life of Riches

Life of Riches is a game by Microgaming which has yachts, jets and watches to look at while you play. There are five reels in the game and 30 pay lines, which means that you can have a good chance of winning. There is also the option of getting free spins. The game incorporates a wild symbol which will match with everything apart from the scatter and it will give you a 2x multiplier if you match it which can increase your potential winnings. There is a great bonus game which starts if you have three trigger symbols on the reels and you get ten free spins as well as a 2 x multiplier. The graphics are good and there are fun animations as well as fast music which suits the game. The RTP is over 96% and you can win up to 8000 times your original bet. The big attraction for this games is the free spins bonus as well as the chance of the big payout.

Gold factory

Gold factory is themed around a factory which pumps out gold and there is an inventor and assistant which use different forms of transport to get around it. There are 5 reels on the games and it has 50 paylines and two bonus games. This game also has a wild and a scatter symbol which triggers a 10,000 coin bonus if you get five at once. You can also get the boiler room bonus if you have three scatter symbols which will give you the chance to potentially win 619,000 coins by picking four hidden prizes form twelve options. There is also a second level to the game if you get a reactor symbol and you have to hunt for the malfunctions. There is also a free spins room in this game where you can win 10 – 35 free spins and wins achieved form a free spin ate doubled. With great animation and fun music the game is a great one to play. It has a greater than 96% RTP and the chance of winning 619,000 along with the crazy and fun theme makes it well worth playing.