Successful football betting

Football betting is one of the more benign types of gambling but, like all forms, it comes with risk. Betting sensibly on football is good for you bank account and morale, while it also offers you the chance to win well. Football betting is the most cost effective type of gambling, and a lot easier for beginners to get their head around. Most people who bet should have an in-depth knowledge of football, and this should stand them in very good stead when they place a bet as they know exactly who they are betting on. Below are some successful football betting mechanisms.

by  Andrea Sartorati  - Man United captain Wayne Rooney

by Andrea Sartorati – Man United captain Wayne Rooney

Only at the weekend

Unlike the dogs and the horses, football is not on every day. Well, it is, but you shouldn’t be betting on the Israeli Premier League or Scandinavian football unless you actively follow them. Stick with what you know. There can at times be Champions League or cup football in the middle of the week, but if you opt to ignore them then you are minimising your risk. Football is at its best at the weekend and that is when it is best to indulge in football betting.

Small Accumulators

We all dream about having a 20-team winning accumulator. Sadly, the second you go above five sides your chances effectively become slim to none. The best way to go about accumulators would be to stick to five or less. Also, if you are going to do an accumulator then go for the favourites. Their odds may not be that attractive but once you start multiplying them with the prices of the other sides you will soon have a decent return. Keeping it small maximises your chances of overall victory, and more victories equate to higher cash accrued

A good Saturday bet would be to put no more than £10 on an odds-on three-fold accumulator. Although the returns won’t be anything like the gargantuan £20,000 wins some lucky players scoop, you will still be making a good profit, and as long as you are making profit then you are never going to be in trouble. Patience and rationale are imperative to safe gambling.

If you really wanted to, you could put a one pound bet on a 20-team accumulator. You won’t win but what is a pound when you are in the black?

Long-term betting

Putting a few bets on at the start of the season is a good way to gamble responsibly. Ante-post gives you better odds, which will see you get more for your money. Also, by betting at the start of the season, your bets will be of relevance every weekend, thus reducing your tendency to bet each Saturday as your bets are carrying over. Placing three or four bets at the start of the season may completely satisfy your urge for the next 10 months.