The Downside Of Technology In Sport

As the Rio Olympics 2016 are coming to a close we have witnessed how technology has revolutionised most sports. The athletes now use wearable tech to enhance their performance in their various fields. Judging and the awarding of points have also been aided by the use of new technologies which have made reduced margins of error.

Even the way that sporting contests are being viewed is now a very different from the way it was at the turn of the century. Viewers now have amazing access to all the games. They can even view the games at their very own convenience on mobile devices. Technology has improved the way we do most things. From wagering real money at online casinos from the comfort of your home to helping women give birth naturally at home through video streaming.

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However, some technology has compromised the way that sports people compete. An example of this is in the sport of Taekwondo. This sport is based on an ancient martial arts technique that was refined over several centuries. The traditional form of the sport involved powerful kicks which earned the competitors points. Now technology allows automatic scoring through the use of sensors in the fighter’s protective gear. Triggering these sensors requires very minimal contact. Competitors are now more concerned with protecting the sensors. The sports fan base grew because of the attacking style of fighting that is promoted by the martial arts technique of Taekwondo.

Many of the sports fans have described the “new” Taekwondo as a type of foot fencing. This is because of the way that the athletes use their legs to defend the sensors. This time around technology has really dampened a really entertaining sport. There are more thrills at online casinos than there are in the charade that is now the once great sport of Taekwondo.