The History of Slot Casino Games

Slot machines are a pretty new addition to betting. Gambling has been around for a very long time but slot machines obviously rely on modern technology to work. The very first slot machine was invented in 1887 in California by Charles Fey. This opened up a new way that people could bet. They no longer had to go to a gaming table and bet against other people but could play against the machine instead. This allows them to be more appealing to some. This is because they can be used without any interaction and some people prefer that. The games are simple to understand normally. The machines can also fit in places which have a gambling licence and there is no need for a staff member to be present.

Charles Fey

Charles Fey

This means that they can be used in pubs or service stations. They are often cheaper to use than other forms of gambling as well as this can attract those players that cannot afford big stakes. The machines have proved to be very popular as they take up 70% of the floor space in most casinos. They are also popular online as well. Obviously there is no need for a machine as such but slot style games are popular. Some online sites only have slot games. Many will have a big selection of games to choose form so that you can find one that you enjoy. They are often similar in the way that you win and other rules but have different pictures or themes. This means that people can try out different games and it is easy for them to understand what to do in them.


There are so many online that you may wonder where to start. It is good to take a look at which sites have good offers for players. Some may have big jackpots, some may allow you to play for free and some may have bonuses. Big jackpots can be great for those that would like to win a great deal of money. The odds of winning are often very small and you may find that the odds of winning any prize is smaller than on some other sites. However, some people would rather win a big prize than a few smaller ones. Free games are also fun, but normally you cannot win real money. These are great for people who cannot afford to gamble or to get used to playing but if you want to win money, then you need to pay to play. Bonuses can be a great way to gain extra tries at a game. Websites will add a bonus to money that you pay in, if you choose the right site. You will find then that you money lasts longer. So if you are looking to play online, click here to get free bonus to try at games at Netbet.