The Satisfaction that comes from Following Your Heart


When you feel a little overwhelmed with life and it’s bumpy rides, you can a break and be by yourself and reflect on life. This will help you have an idea of what you have been doing. Yes, the advice from those around matter, friends, and family. However, at the end of each day, do you feel fulfilled as an individual or you took that decision to please others yet you are not self-fulfilled.


Following your heart and love issues

Most people believe that the heart can be stupid at times. There is always that clash between the Heart and the mind when it comes to the matters of the heart. Maybe you really love that person but he or she has a dark past or maybe he is known for his promiscuity. Your people might be telling you, it’s a NO. However, you might be willing to look past those flaws and build a new thing with your partner. Will you listen and follow your heart or what your loved ones are saying. Well, considering both could be wise but you could follow your heart but with a little precision and rationality. Following your heart is good even when you saw want to place that bet on slots machine jack but your heart is telling you otherwise, you might just lose the game. Follow your heart but with the companionship of those around and a sound mind too.


Making Life Changing Decisions

Whenever you want to take that huge step in your life, it could be taking that degree program or searching for greener pastures in a foreign land. The most common and unacceptable thing to do is to tell your friends and family. As you break the news to them you need to expect two things, it’s either they support you or they are totally against the idea. Maybe you want to study Music and take that career path. For you, it’s important because it fulfills who you are but your loved ones might tell it’s unacceptable. Something happens when you trying to decide whether to play casino games or you should just login on best mobile sports betting app and place a bet on your favorite team.

Of course, they are allowed to give their opinions but the question will remain what was your intention of breaking the news to them. Was it to seek approval or you were just letting them? At the end of the day, power belongs to you to go ahead with your decision or to terminate it because your family and friends are not supporting you. After the process takes some time and consults your heart or the heart and the mind if you are seeking happiness.