The stories that motivate us to gamble

Most of us know that when we play casino games that life-changing win is unlikely to happen to us. It’s the same kind of deal as playing the lottery – there seem to be big wins going on all over the place all the time, but it never actually happens to you or anyone that you know.

That’s why it’s best to always play gambling games for the fun of it, without counting on a win. A win could happen at any time, but there’s never any guarantee. Bet the amounts you can afford to live without and enjoy the simple thrill of the game. Treat any wins as a bonus, rather than the end game.

However, we all have the right to dream and whether you play at a land-based casino or an online casino such as 32red or Caesars, you probably can’t help the idea of winning big sneaking into your head. Although the odds of it happening to you are unlikely, you never know, you could one day have an incredible win like one of those described below.

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Gamble of a lifetime

In 2004, a young Brit called Ahsley Revell sold all his possessions, including all his clothes, and placed a $135,300 bet on one roulette spin at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Vegas. In a hired suit, Revell put everything he owned on the colour red, and the ball landed on 7 red. Revell was rewarded with a return of $270,600 and walked away from the roulette table, only pausing to give the dealer a $600 tip! Next time you play roulette games at 32Red, you could have similar luck, but just in case you don’t, it’s a good idea to bet with much smaller stakes.

Right place, right time

In August 2013, at the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati, the casino was offering a Summer Giveaway draw for Total Rewards members who had their players’ cards with them. The casino staff announced that Kevin Lewis should come to collect his $1 million prize and certainly weren’t prepared for the fact that there might be two Kevin Lewis in the casino at the time. After one Kevin Lewis had been photographed accepting his prize, another Kevin Lewis turned up at the meeting point. The casino graciously handed out another $1 million in prize money.

Grandmother breaks craps record

In Atlantic City in 2009, a New Jersey grandmother was playing craps and her lucky streak ran for over four hours. She beat 1 in 1.56 trillion odds as she rolled a pair of dice without landing a seven 154 times in a row. The lucky lady didn’t share information on how much money she’d won with the media, but when she came back to the craps table two days later, she was happy just to spectate!

Of course, these big winners are in the minority. Millions of people play casino every day – online or in person – and generally, their wins and losses aren’t exciting enough to make headlines. But as long as you have fun playing, and keep your bets at an affordable level, it’s still plenty of fun to play casino games now and then and see what happens to you.