The Top 5 Highest-Paying Casino Jobs

Casino jobs offer some of the highest-paying careers at the top online casinos and entertainment companies in the world. If you want a job that pays well, casino jobs might be for you. Here are five high-paying jobs in the casino industry.

Slot Machine Technician

The slot machine technician is responsible for repairing all parts of the slot machines, from mechanical parts to software components. They also prepare new games before they go into service. They also make sure that everything works properly as they test them out. In addition to operating their slot machines, slot technicians help operate the entire slot department including maintenance and cleaning. A typical salary for this position is between $25,000 and $30,000 per year.

Gaming Device Inspector

Gaming device inspectors ensure that the slots and tables work the way they should. The gaming inspector monitors how each part of the game works and makes sure it functions correctly. They also monitor how table games such as blackjack and roulette work and make sure the dealers do not cheat. Inspectors may have a bachelor’s degree and must pass the Gaming Device Inspector Exam.

Blackjack Supervisor

Blackjack supervisors supervise the blackjack tables and ensure there is a proper balance between players and dealers. They keep track of what’s going on during shifts and make decisions about which table will close.

Table Games Dealer

Table games dealers typically start at around $19k annually but can get up to $35k after several years of experience. In addition to dealing with large groups of people daily, table game dealers must understand card counting strategies to win in Las Vegas.

Poker Room Manager

Poker room managers organize events like special cash games and tourneys, direct dealers, create promotional programs, hire security guards, and handle any issues within their department. This job carries about $50k annually.

In conclusion, acepokies online pokies jobs aren’t only for gamblers anymore. These positions require knowledge of statistics, probability theory, math, and psychology to do their job effectively.