Three ways to boost Your Bingo Brain

Improving your bingo EV online isn’t easy. Because a large part of the game is out of your control – i.e. you can’t influence which balls will be drawn from the machine – you have find other ways to boost your overall expectation.

Fortunately, like all online gambling endeavours, this is more than possible if you stick to three simple principles.

It’s All About the Info


The first thing you should do to help your chances of success is to learn as much about the game as you can before you sit down and play. There are tons of resources out there for the aspiring player and each one will offer you a different insight into the game.

Aside from the obvious knowledge you need to acquire (i.e. the rules of the game), one of the most important aspects of bingo is the way you manage your money. You’ve got to be “in it to win it” as they say, but if you’ve blown your bankroll because you didn’t follow some simple rules then you won’t have the chance to win anything.

Fortunately, there’s a ton of literature out there to help you balance the books. Wink Bingo has been one of the longest serving operators in the online bingo industry and after it became a member of the 888 group of betting sites it’s amassed a database of thousands. Using this database to analyse the playing habits of players at both ends of the spectrum, from those that enjoy jackpot 90-ball bingo to the speed freaks racing through low stakes 50-ball games, Wink Bingo has been able to collate a wealth of data which it has used to create a dedicated knowledge portal known as Winkly.

Within this bingo knowledge hub you’ll find a guide on how to handle your budget regardless of whether it’s £10, £20, £30 or more. Outlining tips such as playing fewer tickets if your budget is £10 to developing a recurring bankroll by reinvesting a portion of your winnings, the guide will give you a solid strategy for managing your money; a strategy which will then allow you to stay active for longer and, therefore, enjoy the game for all it’s worth.

Free Games = A Way to Practice


Of course, knowledge without experience is virtually useless and therein lays your next step on the road to bingo success. Once you’ve read the books and perused sites such as Winkly, you then need to put the skills intone practice.

The best way to do this is play free bingo games. All of the major online operators offer free bingo games when you complete certain tasks such as make a deposit or buy a bundle of game tickets and it’s these free games that you can use to your advantage.

Naturally, the money you can win when you play these games is hugely beneficial for your bankroll, but you should also see them as a training ground. For example, let’s say you’d read an article that told you the best way to increase your expected value in a game is to only choose tickets with odd numbers.

Of course, while the article may have made a convincing case for this strategy, it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend your own money in order to see if it works or not. The way around this is to test out the strategy with one of your free games. If it fails immediately you’ll know to ditch it, but if it appears to have some merit, then move on to testing it in low stakes games before employing it at your regular stakes.

Listen to the Words of Mr. Granville

One of the most famous bingo strategies out there is the theory of population value convergence. Originally proposed by mathematician Joseph E. Granville, the theory was based on the findings of LHC Tippet who concluded the following “as a random sample is increased in size, it gives a result that comes closer and closer to the population value.”

Granville took this idea of a “population” and applied it to the game of bingo by looking at the master board (the board that shows all the recently drawn numbers). According to Granville, if you look at these numbers you’ll notice their average will always move towards a total that’s equal to half the number of balls in play.

For example, if there are 75 balls in the game then you can expect the average to gradually converge around the half number of 75 (which is 38). This observation is significant because it means you stand more chance of eliminating your numbers and winning a game if you choose a card with numbers that have an average close to 38 (75 ball game) or 45 (90 ball game).

If you’re able to apply this strategy and remember to take advantage of free games and never stop your quest for bingo knowledge, you should find that taking your bingo EV to new heights is easy.