Weird But Entertaining Video Games

The creators of video games and australian online pokies are part of the most creative people that you will ever come across in the whole world. Their levels of imagination are unbeatable even though sometimes we have to say that they do go a little over the fence. And to prove that to you, we shall look at a few of the weirdest but entertaining video games that you will ever come across.

Goat Simulator

Yes, ladies and gentlemen you read it right, Goat Simulator. Of all the creatures and animals that you would have wanted to be, the creators simply chose a goat and that the way it is. When news of the game was first released, the majority of people assumed that it was a joke, but apparently, the game was for real. 

As you play the real money casino game, which of course we know that you will out of curiosity, expect to find a tonne of madness as you will be a goat that has been let loose in the streets. You will have extreme jumping abilities and you will be ramming ragdoll human beings along the way. Like we mentioned earlier, the games are a bit weird but they are quite entertaining at the end of the day.

Mister Mosquito

If you thought that Goat Simulator was weird well, we have another interesting but weird game for you right here, Mister Mosquito. If you loved being a goat then we are sure that you will also love the feeling of being one of the most annoying household pests ever, a mosquito.

In the game, as you play Mister Mosquito, you will be doing exactly what a mosquito does, and that is sucking blood. In addition, to make the game a whole lot more interesting you will have to combat human beings who will be doing their best to get rid of you.